Late Night Power Boot Camp

Tuesdays at 19:00

200,00 € / kpl sis. alv 10,00 %

Power is the ability to move weight with speed. Power is explosiveness. Learn to lift weights (or bodyweight) safely with speed such as Olympic Lifting or Plyometrics.   


Power training helps recruit more type II muscle fibres which may become dormant when we age. Using type II muscle fibres increases lean muscle mass, improves dynamic balance (can reduce the risk of falls) and enhances aesthetic appearance.   


The boot camp aim is to train with like-minded people at 19:00 on Tuesdays.   


If you have leisure vouchers (check expiry date!) these can be used to pay part of the cost or all.


Venue: OCR Factory, Suomenoja 

Sessions:  8x 

Time: Tuesdays 19:00  



This boot camp will be instructed in English.   


Non-members are welcome.